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Te Whare Rapuora

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Weaving using New Zealand Flax
Weaving using New Zealand Flax
Te Pae Hauora O Ruahine O Tararua
Kötahi tonu te hiringa mö te tangata
Ko te hiringa o te mahara
Ka whakawhenua ngä hiringa i könei
Te hiringa Matua te hiringa Tipua
Te hiringa Tawhito rangi
There was only one implanting that transported us to the uppermost
It was the implanting of the mind
Animated are we
In the implanting of parenthood, sacred implanting, heavenly implanting
in times remote

Te Whare Rapuora/Mäori Health Unit

Te Whare Rapuora/Mäori Health Unit provides Mäori Health support services to Mäori people and their whänau who access MidCentral Health’s services. It has limited accommodation available for whänau of patients. Priority is given to whänau/family who live outside the MidCentral District Health Board's region.


The kaupapa of Te Whare Rapuora is based on Tikanga Mäori, values, beliefs and cultural methodology which embrace the model of Te Whare Tapa Whä. Te Whare Rapuora provides short term marae based accommodation for whänau. Eligibility to stay in the whare is on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of staff.
Priority is given to whänau who:
  • Have critically/terminally ill patients 
  • Are from outside the MidCentral District Health Board's region

Te Whare Information booklet

Te Uru Mai i Waho i Ngä Häora Mahi - After Hours Access (between 5pm and 8:30am & anytime at the weekend)


Accommodation is available on a 24 hour basis.
Please ask hospital staff who will contact the After Hours Co-ordinator.


Ngä Rawa a Te Whare Rapuora - Facilities At Te Whare Rapuora

  • Cooking facilities and food storage (you will be required to provide your own food)
  • Modern ablution facilities with wheelchair access
  • Laundry facilities
  • Lounge/dining room/reception
  • Communal sleeping area, some linen supplied in emergency situations.

Ngä Tikanga Waiwai - Basic Rules

  • Please remove your shoes before entering the whare.
  • Please treat our resources with care and respect.
  • Be accountable for any items damaged or misplaced during your stay and alert staff when any maintenance or repairs are needed.
  • Children in your care must be under adult supervision at all times anywhere on hospital campus (including in Te Whare Rapuora).
  • Alcohol, drugs and smoking are strictly forbidden in Te Whare Rapuora and on the hospital campus.


Te Haumaru me te Papare - Safety & Security

During your stay, keep the key with you and return before you leave.


Security staff will check the whare from time to time and will escort you to and from the hospital after hours where possible - Contact No: 18797
In case of fire,the assembly point is in the car park at the rear of Te Whare Rapuora. You are advised not to leave any valuables in your car. Please make sure that your car is locked.

Ina Puta Ake Koe - Checking Out

Please advise Te Whare Rapuora staff when you intend to leave.
Return the key before you leave. If the office is unattended please deposit the key into the slot of the office door. Please leave the whare clean and tidy and in the same condition that you found it.

Please use this form to tell us what you think of our services.

Send a message to a patient at a MidCentral Health facility.

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