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Schedule of Providers

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Over 150 health care professionals and organisations are involved in providing health and disability services to the region.
MidCentral DHB contracts for a wide range of health services, including those for youth
Purchasing of health and disability services occurs through six health portfolio areas. Details of providers for each portfolio, the type of services they deliver, and the contract value is updated annually for the Annual Plan (AP).  This information is published in the annual Funding Arrangements document - a companion document to the Annual Plan. 
The six portfolio areas are:
  1. Primary health
  2. Secondary care
  3. Mental health
  4. Maori health
  5. Disability support services
  6. Public health
Each portfolio is allocated funds and the 2012/13 allocation is:
Primary Care:   115,908
Secondary Care:  267,160
Mental Health:   39,110
Maori Health:   1,995
Disability Support Services: 74,943
Total:    499,117

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