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Planned Care (Elective Services)

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Planned Care (elective services) at MidCentral DHB follows Ministry of Health guidelines.
Palmerston North Hospital bed being pushed down a corridor by orderlies
Palmerston North Hospital bed being pushed down a corridor by orderlies


The Ministry of Health defines Planned Care (elective services) as hospital services for people who do not need immediate medical treatment. If you are very ill and require emergency treatment you will be treated with minimal delay.


Planned Care (elective services) and Waiting Times – What You Should Expect

At MidCentral DHB we pride ourselves on achieving the Ministry of Health Planned Care Principle: Timeliness. This results in the MidCentral population being given greater access to elective surgery. 
In addition the Elective Services Patient Flow Indictors (ESPIs) targets ensure people do not wait longer than four months for a First Specialist Assessment (ESPI 2) or wait greater than four months for certainty of treatment (ESPI 5).
The Ministry of Health’s Planned Care Services site provides further information about elective services, first specialist assessments and expected waiting times. 


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