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Enable New Zealand

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Enable New Zealand provides disability information, assessment and co-ordination services, and equipment/modification services.
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Enable New Zealand

Enable New Zealand’s core business is to manage the provision of:
  • Equipment and modifications service (including equipment and housing modifications)
  • Generic disability information
  • Information of disabilities and disability support services
  • Management of rehabilitation equipment and housing modifications for Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)
  • Needs Assessments for people with disabilities
    Co-ordination of and referral to, a range of residential, community and disability support services

Enable New Zealand is among the largest disability support services providers in New Zealand. It enjoys a unique position in the disability sector as the only national provider of disability information services throughout New Zealand and the largest of two providers of the Ministry of Health's Equipment and Modifications Service (including funding for equipment, housing modifications and vehicles) for disabled people.

Enable New Zealand is also the largest of the two providers of rehabilitation equipment Services for ACC, and the national provider of ACC's housing modification service.

Staff and Facilities

Enable New Zealand employs staff across three sites (including Palmerston North, Christchurch and Hamilton.)
Staff are composed of a range of skill sets from allied health professionals to stores and administrative staff.

Further Information

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