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Patient Rights and Privacy

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As a health and disability provider, the MidCentral District health Board complies with the Code Health and Disability Consumers’ Rights and the Health Information Privacy Code.


Your Rights

We want to work in together with you so that you receive the best possible healthcare when you are in our care.  You have the following rights:
  • To be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.
  • To make your own decisions about your care and treatment.
  • To be able to change your mind about aspects of your care.
  • To be asked for your consent (verbal or written) before we carry out any treatment or procedure. (Note, we may take into account the views of your family or whanau if you are not able to communicate with us).
  • To have your cultural needs respected.
  • To be made aware of the choices you have for your treatment, including the benefits and risks involved. (Note, in medical emergencies this may not always be possible).
  • To be communicated with in a way that you understand. To be offered an interpreter, if necessary.
  • To have all treatments, tests or procedures clearly explained to you.
  • To have your personal information kept confidential.
  • To have a family member or support person accompany you (for safety reasons this may not always be possible).
These rights also apply if you are asked to take part in a research study or teaching session for training staff.
For more information or a full copy of these rights visit the Health and Disability Commissioners website.

Your Privacy

To care for you in the best way possible our doctors, nurses and other health professionals directly associated with your care need to view your health information. Other MDHB staff may need to view your information for administration, quality improvement activities, teaching and, in some cases, for medical research.
We will always:
  • Keep your personal information confidential.
  • Let you view your records.
  • Acknowledge your request for corrections to your records.
  • Acknowledge your request not to release your information.
Your health information may be disclosed to another health provider involved in your treatment. We may also disclose some of your health information under certain legislation without consent or notification to you as required by law. Your clinical record will hold a notification of this. For further information about the privacy of your information, you can call the MDHB Privacy Officer on: 06 350 8980.
How you can help us
  • Being actively involved in your treatment and care.
  • Sharing with us any information that will help us with your care and treatment.
  • Being sensitive to the needs and privacy of others in our care.
  • Being respectful to our staff and our property.
  • Respecting our no-smoking policy.
Sharing Information About You
As we respect your privacy, when friends and relatives call the hospital they will be given only limited information about your progress. Your nurse can arrange for a relative or close friend to see your doctor for more detailed information if you wish.


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Most documents are available in Acrobat (PDF) format. Some documents are also available in other formats (doc, xls, html etc.) or as a printed version (hard copy). Please note, due to cost, a different format or printed version may not be available.

To request a different format or printed version, please contact the Te Whatu Ora Health NZ - MidCentral Communications Unit.


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