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Patient Medical Records

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Patients have the right to request and receive their personal medical records from MidCentral Health.


Requesting your Personal Medical Records from MidCentral Health

To obtain a copy of a MidCentral Health personal medical record you need to fill in MidCentral Health's Release of Medical Information form. Please be aware that before you can access any personal information you will need to provide evidence of your identity, and also be specific as to what information you want.
If you require any further help, please request using our contact online form. This will be sent to the Release of Patient Information Coordinator who will explain in detail the process for receiving your personal medical records.
This service is available between 8am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.
Please note: The information, form and processes on this page are for requesting information and medical records from a MidCentral Health facility and/or service only (Palmerston North Hospital, Horowhenua Health Centre etc.). For other public health facilities throughout New Zealand, please check the appropriate district health board.


​Document Format

Most documents are available in Acrobat (PDF) format. Some documents are also available in other formats (doc, xls, html etc.) or as a printed version (hard copy). Please note, due to cost, a different format or printed version may not be available.

To request a different format or printed version, please contact the MidCentral District Health Board Communications Unit.

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