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Day Surgery Admissions

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Day surgery is performed at Palmerston North Hospital and patients are to report to the Day Surgery Unit on the day of their treatment.

Prior to your day surgery admission please remember the following:

  • No Eating before Surgery
  • An empty stomach is necessary to ensure your safety during your operation.
  • Morning: You are not permitted to eat or drink from 12.00 midnight
  • Afternoon: You may have tea and toast before 8.00am but then nothing to eat or drink after that. This includes chewing gum, sweets, water, tea and coffee.   


Please take your usual medications/inhalers the morning of your surgery and bring them with you to hospital.

What to bring

You may have some spare time before your surgery so you might want to bring some entertainment along like a book. Although a gown will be provided for you to change into before going to the operating theatre, please bring your own dressing gown and slippers to put on afterwards.
Please do not bring with you to the hospital valuables such as jewellery and do not wear makeup or nail polish.

Transitory Care Unit

You may be transferred to the transitory care unit after your procedure but prior to your discharge. The TCU comfortably accommodates patients waiting for discharge and patients who need pre or post-procedural care. The TCU is located on the ground floor at Palmerston North Hospital.


As the anaesthetic drug remains in the body for up to 24 hours you:
  • Will not be able to drive yourself home so you will need alternative transport
  • Must have a responsible adult with you for the first 24 hours after your operation
  • Should not operate heavy machinery/complicated equipment or make important decisions.
  • You can expect to be discharged an hour after returning from surgery. However depending on your condition you may have to stay in overnight.
Relevant information will be discussed with you prior to discharge and you will be given a written summary.  

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