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Palmerston North Option

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We accept 12- 16 final year medical students each year to complete their core runs at Palmerston North Hospital and surrounding GP practices.
Our programme has proven popular amongst students for several reasons.
  • First, if you come to us you will be able to spend the entire year in one place rather than having to move from place to place depending on your run placements.
  • Second, our hospital, while offering an extensive array of services, retains the character of a provincial hospital with a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere than most major academic centres around the country.
  • Third, due to our relatively small number of students, consultants and RMOs are delighted to work with students and eager to teach without any signs of the so-called “student fatigue” often encountered in larger teaching hospitals.
We also have a tailored teaching programme for our students and to the very motivated students we offer the opportunity to participate in an independent project, such as a clinical audit or writing up a case report, under supervision of the Associate Dean or one of the other senior medical officers.
If you are a New Zealand student and are interested in spending your final year in Palmerston North please contact the Associate Dean of Student Affairs (5th year) at the University of Otago, Wellington for application materials.

If you are interested in learning more about our programme please contact Sonya Clifford, trainee intern coordinator, telephone +64 6 350 8329.

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