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Clinical Haematologist, Palmerston North Hospital (VID: 6246)
Regional Cancer Treatment Service Permanent/Fulltime 28/08/2022

...continue »

Endocrinologist/ Diabetologist/ General Physician, Palmerston North Hospital (VID: 6303)
Diabetes and Endocrinology/General Medicine Permanent/Fulltime 28/08/2022

Looking for a new opportunity?...continue »

Palmerston North Hospital Radiation Oncologist (VID: 5871)
Radiation Oncology Permanent/Fulltime 31/08/2022

Are you a Radiation Oncologist looking for a new opportunity? ...continue »

Otorhinolaryngologist (VID: 6375)
Otorhinolaryngologist Permanent/Fulltime 25/09/2022

Are you an Otorhinolaryngologist looking for your next opportunity?...continue »

Palmerston North Hospital Emergency Physician (VID:6153)
Emergency Physician Permanent/Fulltime 02/10/2022

Join a strong team of 11 Emergency Physicians from around the world...continue »

General Adult Psychiatrist-Inpatient, Palmerston North Hospital (VID: 5868)
General Adult Psychiatrist Permanent/Fulltime 02/10/2022

We are looking to recruit a dedicated General Adult Psychiatrist...continue »

Old Age Psychiatrist, Older Adult Mental Health Team (VID: 6150)
Old Age Psychiatrist Permanent/Fulltime 02/10/2022

Key role within our multi-disciplinary team...continue »

Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatrist, Palmerston North Hospital (VID: 6149)
Mental Health Services Permanent/Fulltime 02/10/2022

Are you a Psychiatrist with specialist training in Child, Adolescent and Family care? ...continue »

Palmerston North Hospital Rheumatologist (VID: 6021)
Medical Services Permanent/Fulltime 02/10/2022

Are you a Rheumatologist looking for a new opportunity?...continue »

General Adult Psychiatrist - Community, Palmerston North Hospital (VID: 5867)
Mental Health & Addictions Service Permanent/Fulltime 02/10/2022

Enhance the continuity of care we provide to our patient population....continue »

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