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Payment Information

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MidCentral District Health Board's (MDHB) contracts are processed through the Ministry of Health's Sector Services Unit (formerly HealthPAC) - a national invoicing and payment processing service for health and disability funders including the Ministry and
The three payment systems are:
  1. Contract Management System (CMS)
  2. Clients Claims Processing System (CCPS)
         - Proposed payment schedule (PPS)
         - Buyer created tax invoice (BCTI)
  3. ProClaim System 

Current Management System (CMS) Payments

CMS payments apply to those services where clients do not require a needs assessment to receive the service.
This payment method requires the provider to forward a tax invoice and an invoice header to HealthPac.
The tax invoice must provide the required information (as stated in the agreement) and must include the agreement number (as stated on the top right hand corner of the agreement in the format:  xxxxxx/00).
The invoice header (cover sheet) is generated by HealthPAC once a contract is signed by both parties.  The invoice header contains pertinent information to accompany your tax invoice.
The CCPS processes all payments for providers claiming funding for individual clients with an assessed need and who have disability or mental health needs.
There are two parts to processing CCPS payments/ reimbursements:
i. Proposed Payment Schedule (PPS)

This is an invoice issued to the service provider by HealthPAC on behalf of MDHB.
The PPS states what MDHB intends to pay for each client who has received services, and lists these clients.  The client details are based on the assessment and eligibility details that are provided to HealthPAC by Supportlinks (Needs Assessment and Service Coordination) and Work and Income (WINZ).
When a PPS is received by a provider, the provider must:
  • Check to ensure that the amount is correct
  • Write any amendments on the PPS
  • Sign the PPS
  • Return the PPS to HealthPAC within the time period specified, in order to receive payment.
HealthPAC will make any amendments that are required, and then pay you by direct credit.
ii. Buyer Created Tax Invoice (BCTI)
Following payment, HealthPAC will send the provider a buyer created tax invoice (BCTI) for the provider’s records. A BCTI is similar to a PPS but records what HealthPAC actually paid the provider, rather than what HealthPAC intended to pay.

ProClaim System

The process for sending invoices and receiving payment for service/demand driven expenditure is similar to that outlined above for the CMS payments and is outlined in your agreement.

About Sector Services

Sector Services (formerly HealthPAC) provides invoicing and payment processing services to health and disability funders including the Ministry and district health boards.  These services include:
  • payment and administration of agreements 
  • payment to health and disability providers for contracted services
  • data collection and provision of information
  • audit and counter-fraud functions.
Sector Services has offices in Wanganui, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Wanganui and Wellington branches make payments for primary care such pharmacy or general practitioner (GP) claims. Christchurch heads the Audit and Compliance section. Dunedin is the main centre for agreement administration, monitoring of those agreements, all other provider payments, client-based payments and client claims. 

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