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Auditing and Monitoring

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In order to ensure that MidCentral District Health Board (MDHB) is the receiving the services contracted and at the level of quality required, an audit clause is standard practice within its contracts with providers.
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Providers of health and disability services are audited regularly.











This enables audits to be conducted for a variety of purposes, primarily to safeguard the interests of the public, the District Health Board, and the Ministry of Health.


Auditing Questions & Answers

Why Does a DHB Carry Out Audits?
Different types of audits are carried out depending on the size and nature of the risk being assessed. Audits are often comprehensive and mostly cover patient safety, appropriate service delivery and contract compliance. Many of the audits have a positive aspect in that they promote service improvements, standards of best practice and provider stability.
Who Does the Auditing?

Due to the diverse nature and risk profiles of the services and providers delivering those services MDHB utilises various agencies to undertake these audits. These include internal audit teams of the regional DHBs, audit teams of the Ministry of Health, external financial auditors and specialist health audit firms.

How Often are Audits Carried Out?
The audits are carried out either annually or on a cycle spread out over a number of years. The regularity depends on the service being assessed and the significance and consequence of the risk involved.

Who Pays for the Audits?

In almost all circumstances the cost of the audits are borne by the DHB or the Ministry of Health.  

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