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Health Needs Assessment

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MidCentral District Health Board (MDHB) regularly assesses the health needs of its community and the results are published in the Health Needs Assessment document.

The MidCentral District Health Board Needs Assessment takes a people-first approach to analysing health data. This is because:

  • The district health boards’ ultimate goal is healthy people
  • The people-patterns are more consistent and universally applicable than disease patterns
  • Any disease-specific pattern is usually only applicable to that disease.

What’s this health needs assessment trying to achieve?

The health needs assessment was written to address the following objectives:
  • Comment on how our health status is progressing
  • Comment on inequality and whether this is changing, and what this implies for our health system’s current approach for tackling inequalities
  • Suggest a way health needs assessment information can be used for locality planning
  • Highlight what planning direction the health needs assessment evidence points to in attempting to achieve “quality living, healthy lives, well communities”.

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