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Annual Report

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The Annual Report shows how MidCentral District Health Board (MDHB) performed against its Statement of Intent. (A Statement of Intent is also prepared annually and is the formal accountability document between MDHB and the government.)
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MidCentral DHB's annual report sets out its results for the year
The Annual Report also contains the financial statements of the MDHB and a Statement of Service Performance. These are both audited by the MDHB's external auditors.
The latest Annual Report is available from the MidCentral DHB publications area of the website.

Key Components of a MDHB Annual Report

About MidCentral District Health Board
A brief overview of MDHB’s role, the district it covers, and the resources it manages.

Statement by the Chair and Chief Executive Officer
A report from the Chairman and CEO outlining the results for the year.

Where the Money Goes
Many people ask how the millions managed by MDHB are used and where the money goes.

Statement of Service Performance
A report on MDHB’s performance against the targets set by the Board and agreed by the Minister of Health.

Financial Statements
The annual financial accounts of the organisation, including notes and disclosures regarding remuneration, dividend payments, and interests/shares in other organisations.

Auditors Report
The report of the independent auditor regarding the reliability and accuracy of MDHB’s financial and service statements.

Cost of Service Statement
Statement of financial performance against the three output classes as required.

Statement of Responsibility
Official acknowledgment of responsibility for the accuracy of this report and commitment to sound operating systems and controls.

Statement of Accounting Policies
Accounting policies set out how the DHB treats particular items of expenditure and revenue.  These policies are included in the Annual Report and confirm to the New Zealand equivalent of International Financial Reporting Standards.

Notes to Financial Statements
Supporting the financial statements, detailed notes are contained in the Annual Report.  These provide further detail about the financial information presented.  For example, the financial statements show the total revenue received by the DHB.  The notes show the major sources of revenue which make up the total amount.

Governance Statement
Effective governance of a District Health Board requires a committed Board and robust systems and processes.   This section sets out MidCentral DHB's governance arrangements, as well as a profile of all board members.

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