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Annual Plan

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The Annual Plan (AP) shows MidCentral District Health Board’s (MDHB) commitment and contribution to realising the DHB’s vision of “Quality Living, Healthy Lives”.
Tagline of MDHB's vision statement
MidCentral DHB's plans are focused on achievement of its vision: Quality living - healthy lives
MDHB's latest Annual PlanAnnual Plan Funding Arrangement and the System Level Measures Improvement Plan documents are available.

MDHB's Plan for the Year Ahead

The Annual Plan identifies what MidCentral DHB intends to achieve over the next 12 months.  The achievements will progress the DHB toward achieving its vision and long term strategy (as set out in the Regional Services Plan).

The Annual Plan

Residing within the Annual Plan is the Statement of Intent which sets out what MidCentral District Health Board will be doing over the next three years to improve the health and wellbeing of its community. The 'Statement of Intent' identifies key deliverables and targets for each category of:
  • long term and annual planning
  • operational performance
  • systems and processes

The Annual Plan describes the implementation of the Government’s health strategy “Better, Sooner, More Convenient Health Care” and national priorities and targets. 

During 2014/15 we plan to build upon the achievements we have made.  This work covers a wide range of services and the details are set out in this plan.  These will all advance our vision for our communities:

• Our primary care sector is class leading, being high performing and exhibiting innovation and transformational change.   Management of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and smoking have all improved dramatically in the past 12 months.

• We are working with general practice to ensure they have the resources, technology, structures and people to provide integrated care which is responsive to changing and increasing demand.

• We have a partnership culture which includes primary health care and specialist services working to provide integrated care, and are a leader in the development of collaborative clinical pathways across primary and secondary care. 

• A major project is underway to develop new models of care for hospital services to ensure they are capable of meeting future demand.  This will cover the technology, facilities, workforce, and care pathways.

• More elective services continue to be provided year on year, and waiting times for these are reducing.

• Our Regional Cancer Treatment Service is highly regarded and is gearing up to meet the “faster cancer treatment” targets.

• Our child and youth health services are innovative and work closely with other government agencies to support those who are most vulnerable.

• Mental health services continue to rise to the challenge and are introducing the “stepped care” model throughout the district.

• We have a strong community-based health of older person service and are about to implement dementia support services.

• We have invested significantly in long term health conditions and our communities enjoy ready access to a comprehensive range of community-based services.

• Throughout the district there is a strong commitment to quality and we are proud participants in the “Open for Better Care” campaign.  We’ve picked up the challenge of the national quality and safety markers and will be implementing consumer experience indicators this year.

• We’ve developed a disability self-audit tool so our services can determine just how responsive they are to the needs of disabled people. 

• Clinical leadership continues to increase and our Clinical Leadership Council brings together secondary care, general practice, aged residential care, laboratory and radiology providers, pharmacy, consumers and health management.

• Our workforce is our greatest asset and we have embarked on a team development programme in response to staff feedback.  Our Maori leadership is being strengthened.

• The district enjoys a highly innovative Health Care Development Team which supports health professionals.

• We have a sound financial platform in place and continue to put monies aside so we can self-fund our future investments.

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