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Regional Planning

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The Central Region’s Regional Services Plan 2014/15 has been approved in writing by the Minister of Health, Tony Ryall.
Map of the Central Region
The Central Region is home to over 869,000 New Zealanders whose health care is delivered by six DHBs









Regional Planning

The Central Region’s Regional Services Plan 2014/15 has been approved in writing by the Minister of Health, Tony Ryall.
The Regional Services Plan (RSP) outlines how the six Central Region DHBs (Capital & Coast Health, Hawkes’ Bay, Hutt Valley, MidCentral, Wairarapa and Whanganui) will work collaboratively to ensure health and disability services are delivered in a clinically sustainable and financially viable way to meet the needs of the population living in the central lower North Island region.
The goal is to make sure the population of the Central Region receives good health care, in facilities that have the necessary equipment and workforce, and that support the delivery of safe, effective and efficient care.
The Central Technical Advisory Service (TAS) supports the six District Health Boards by providing advice and guidance on service planning, facilitating regional collaboration and assurance services.
The centralAlliance (Central Alliance) primarily involves MidCentral and Whanganui DHBs, certain areas may also incorporate collaborative work being undertaken by the six DHBs in the lower North Island and a number of national initiatives.
A Regional Workforce Strategy is being developed to provide overarching direction and to enable the many regional, sub-regional and local DHB workforce initiatives. The workforce strategy will identify how our current workforce will transition towards the clinical settings of the future and the most effective and cost effective ways of providing training.
The six Central Region DHBs and the National Health Information Technology Board (NHITB) are working in a collaborative, unified fashion to deliver an integrated IT solution for our clinicians and communities.  The Central Region Information Systems Plan (CRISP) outlines the key clinical informational systems to be established throughout the Central Region.
‘One portal, one password, one patient record for every clinician, at every facility across the Central Region’ is the vision that CRISP aims to deliver. The approach is consistent with the recently released National Health IT Plan.

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