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Midwifery Employee Representation and Advisory Service (MERAS) Strike Action

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MidCentral DHB is planning for midwifery services during MERAS industrial action.
MidCentral DHB has been issued a series of strike notices by the Midwifery Employee Representation and Advisory Service (MERAS). This affects DHB-employed midwives but not LMC community midwives.
Celina Eves, Director of Nursing and Midwifery, says that the safety of women and babies is paramount during the strike period.
“The main priority for MidCentral DHB during periods of industrial action is the safety of our patients. The maternity unit at Palmerston North Hospital and maternity services at Horowhenua Health Centre will continue to be operational during the strike periods. There will be a midwife available at all times during the strikes.”
Women should come to their scheduled appointment unless they have been contacted to say their appointment is being postponed. Women can also contact the Charge Midwife with any further questions on 06 350 8404.
Background information about the strikes
MidCentral DHB respects the right of staff who belong to MERAS to take industrial action. This means we have a contingency plan in place to prepare for the series of strikes at Palmerston North Hospital and Horowhenua Health Centre. The strikes will run over two 2-hour periods on each day from 23 November:
  • Friday 23 November: 9.01am-11.01am, 9.01pm-11.01pm
  • Saturday 24 November: 10.01am-12.01pm
  • Sunday 25 November: 5.01am-7.01am, 11.01am-1.01pm
  • Monday 26 November: 10.01am-12.01pm, 7.01pm-9.01pm
  • Tuesday 27 November: 11.01am-1.01pm, 8.01pm-10.01pm
  • Wednesday 28 November: 12.01pm-2.01pm, 9.01pm-11.01pm
  • Thursday 29 November: 9.01am-11.01am
  • Friday 30 November: 10.01am-12.01pm, 7.01pm-9.01pm
  • Saturday 1 December: 1.01pm-3.01pm, 8.01pm-10.01pm
  • Sunday 2 December: 10.01am-12.01pm, 8.01pm-10.01pm
  • Monday 3 December: 7.01pm-9.01pm
  • Tuesday 4 December: 1.01pm-3.01pm, 8.01pm-10.01pm
  • Wednesday 5 December: 10.01am-12.01pm, 9.01pm-11.01pm
We appreciate your understanding and support during this time. 

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