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Information and updates about mumps in the MidCentral District Health Board region.
Mumps is an acute viral illness. Usually, a few cases occur each year in New Zealand. 

General information about mumps:

What to do if you think you have mumps
If you are concerned about mumps please call Healthline for advice on 0800 611 116. Healthline has translation services available 24/7.
Mumps symptoms
Mumps symptoms: pain in the jaw, fever, headache and swelling of the glands around the face.
How is mumps spread?
Mumps is spread through the air by breathing, coughing and sneezing, or through contact with infected saliva (ie, kissing, sharing food and drink).
If you’ve caught mumps, it usually takes 12–25 days before you get sick. You’ll be infectious from 1 week before swelling appears until 5 days after.
Vaccination & Further Information
For questions about vaccination call the Immunisation Advisory Centre on 0800 IMMUNE. For further information visit the Ministry of Health website.
Media releases
Further information and updates about the mumps cases confirmed in the MidCentral District Health Board region can be found from the MidCentral DHB News Site

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