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World Pharmacist Day marked

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Friday marks World Pharmacist Day, with this year’s theme being “Pharmacist: Your partner in health”.

Every day three million pharmacists around the world act as partners to patients and other health care professionals with the shared vision of better health.  Such partnerships are essential for the responsible use of medicines.

In New Zealand access to, and optimal use of, medicines are key themes of the New Zealand Medicines Strategy – and pharmacists are acknowledged as pivotal partners in enabling this.

In the MidCentral district two key roles for pharmacists are recognised: partnering with prescribers to choose the most appropriate medicine for the person taking it, and partnering with the person taking the medicine to make the best use of it.

In Palmerston North hospital and at GP practices, pharmacists partner with prescribers to identify the best medicines for certain conditions or for individual patients.

MidCentral community pharmacists partner with patients to help them get the best out of their medicines by providing reminders and special packaging to help people to remember to take their medicines, adjusting doses of warfarin according to blood test results, assessing and managing children with gastroenteritis, providing emergency contraception where needed, and a host of other things.

New technology such as the New Zealand Electronic Prescription Service will allow pharmacists to be more efficient and add even more value to health teams and to people that take medicines.

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