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We need clinicians and consumers to join our Clinical Council, and our Consumer Council

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Have you ever wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the health of people in our community?

​Well, there are openings for clinicians, and consumers to play a big part in improving the health of people in MidCentral District Health Board’s district. MidCentral District Health Board is looking for help with clinical advice, and consumer advice in making important decisions. 

So, now it’s on the lookout for people with ‘a big heart, big ears and a strong voice’ to fill clinical, and consumer positions for at least three years on its two newly established Clinical, and Consumer Councils. 

On the Clinical Council we are looking for clinicians from various areas of health and experience, who are passionate, and enthusiastic about lifting the health of our district to another level. 

On the Consumer Council we are looking for people who reflect the richness in diversity of our community. Most of all we are looking for passionate, enthusiastic, and community-minded people who have good communication skills, and are focused on health. 

Local consumer/health promotion champion, John Hannifin will be chairing the consumer council and he is very excited about the opportunities it provides:  “It is really timely that the DHB is focused on working more closely with consumers, and involving them in all aspects of its work.  Consumers offer a unique perspective, and what better way of making sure services are patient-centred is there than having services designed with consumers.”

Chairing the Clinical Council is well known palliative care specialist, Dr Simon Allan.  He too is enthusiastic about the role of his Council. “As clinicians, in our day-to-day work we see opportunities where improvements in the local health service can be made but it can be very hard to bring about change.  The Council creates new possibilities and will enable clinicians to have a strong voice and influence.  As well as looking at the community’s health status, we will also be able to ensure our district creates and fosters a clinical workforce which is engaged and committed to service improvement and better patient care.  In that regard, the close working of the Consumer and Clinical Councils is essential, and both John and I are so committed.”

Application forms and more information on each Council is available at or by telephoning 06 350 8303.
Applications close on Wednesday, 17 May 2017.

Contact: Communications Unit (06) 350-8945

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