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New mobile something to grin about

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A new state-of-the-art mobile dental unit has joined MDHB’s fleet, and is set to spread healthy grins throughout the district.

​The new single chair unit, was christened with the name In for a Grin, following in the footsteps of similarly named units such as Tooth Booth and Teeth R Us.

This mobile unit has several key benefits over the previous model it replaces. Clinical Director of Dental Services Dr Philip Marshall says: “This new mobile unit will serve the young people of our district well. The bigger size alone is a great improvement, with more room making it more comfortable for patients, and giving staff more room to do their work.

“It also comes equipped with a screen by the operating chair, which will allow our dental team to view digital x-rays while they carry out procedures. This greatly improves productivity by allowing them to see what areas need working on as they go.

“We’ve also had a lot of time with mobile units now, and this has given us a lot of experiencing in what works well and what doesn’t. All that learning has been put into the design of this new unit to ensure it suits our needs perfectly.

“When all this is combined with Titanium, our new digital records system, our service is well positioned to continue providing high-quality care to all areas of the district. Titanium is a big change to our service, as it allows digital records, including x-rays, to be accessed from any of our fixed or mobile clinics. This means that if someone from Levin moves to Dannevirke, we’ll be able to access all their records immediately, without having to transfer any paper records.

“Even more impressively, x-rays can now be done digitally on-site. In the past they used to require development at Palmerston North Hospital, meaning a second appointment was needed to develop a treatment plan. This can now be done on the spot.”

The new unit will boost the capability of the service, and help them see more children faster as they work to reduce the number of appointments in arrears that has unfortunately been higher in recent months. A big contributing factor to the number of arrears reaching a higher than desired level was the loss of a previous unit after it was damaged in transit to a school last year.

MidCentral DHB’s Child and Adolescent Oral Health Service currently operates  seven fixed clinics  in Levin, Palmerston North, Feilding and Dannevirke  along with three two-chair and six  single-chair clinics that move around the district and schools on a regular basis.

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