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MDHB introduces Titanium electronic clinical record system

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Titanium, the electronic clinical record for Child & Adolescent Oral Health Service (CAOHS) has now launched in the MidCentral District Health Board region.

​The electronic records will replace largely paper-based systems used until now, and older computer storage systems, and will also speed up various processes including instant viewing of x-rays.

Using Titanium, a child’s dental record will now be accessible from mobile and fixed clinic locations across the district, odontograms (teeth charts) will now be filed digitally, and x-rays can be digitised on location, removing the need for them to be processed at Palmerston North Hospital. This will mean x-rays can be reviewed on the spot, and a diagnosis and treatment plan can be carried out sooner.

The new system will also generate reports that will allow for better care planning, and more children will be able to be seen each year, thanks to the time freed up by the electronic approach.

Over the next 12 months clinical staff aim to see each child at one of their 70+ locations around the district, and process the manual records into the electronic system as each child visits a clinic. Mobile clinics operating out of schools will use the school’s wifi to connect to Titanium remotely.

Clinical director of the CAOHS Phil Marshall said: “The introduction of Titanium is a long awaited improvement to our clinical record keeping, and it will be a massive change to the way things are done.  Now it is ready to go, there is a lot of enthusiasm about the change.”

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