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MDHB Preliminary Election Results

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Preliminary election results were announced on Sunday, 9th October.

​Preliminary election results for the MidCentral DHB Board election were announced by the DHB’s Electoral Officer, Dr John Annabell, at 9.30pm today.  Seven candidates are required to be elected.

The table set out below shows the names of the candidates in the order they have been elected, or in the reverse order they have been excluded.

The outcome of this election may change once special voting papers have been counted.

PRELIMINARY Results as at 9.30pm, Sunday, 9th October 2016
​Candidate Status* ​Iteration of Voting Calculator
​Manoharan, Nadarajah ​elected ​8
​Naylor, Karen ​elected ​9
​Broad, Adrian ​elected ​9
​Robson, Barbara ​elected ​13
​Chapman, Ann ​elected ​13
​Anderson, Diane ​elected ​13
​Feyen, Michael ​elected ​19
​Findlay, Lew ​excluded ​19
​Burnell, Lindsay ​excluded ​12
​​Wards, Sharon ​excluded ​9
​Dennison, Vaughan ​excluded ​8
​Gimblett, Neville ​excluded ​7
​Waldon, John ​excluded ​6
​McCann, Duncan ​excluded ​5
​Podd, Anne ​excluded ​4
​Weth, John ​excluded ​3
​Brannigan, Maree ​excluded ​2
​Egan, Martin excluded ​1

 *The computer software used to calculate election results means that candidates with enough support to be elected do not keep more votes that they need to be elected.  Rather, the excess votes they receive are redistributed, in order of voter preference, so as to help elect other candidates.  At the other end of the scale, where no candidate has sufficient support to achieve the quota and there are still vacancies to fill, the least popular candidate is removed from the count and, again, their votes are used to assist other candidates in being elected.  This is done on the basis that it is impossible for that candidate to be elected, even if all the remaining votes were transferred to them.

For the election of MidCentral’s Board to date, 19  iterations of the voting cycle took place.

The cycle stops when all seven positions have been filled.

There were 45,822 valid voting papers submitted. 

In addition to the seven elected members, the Board of MidCentral DHB comprises a further four positions.  These positions are filled by people appointed by the Minister of Health.  These appointments are expected to be made prior to the new Board taking office on 5 December 2016.

Between now and 5 December, the current Board will continue in office.

Dr John Annabell, DHB Electoral Officer
Contact: Communications Unit (06) 350-8945

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