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Learn to say Yeah, Nah for Summer

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Christmas celebrations and the holiday season are often times to have a drink or two. But they can also be a time when drinking can get people in trouble, or get out of hand.

​A few drinks at Christmas can be fun, but we all know that a few too many can cause problems - ranging from domestic disputes, spending too much money, health/injury issues or serious road crashes.

MidCentral Public Health Service, ACC and Horizons Regional Council Road Safety are promoting host responsibility within workplaces and at home.

Public Health Service health promotion adviser Martin Macmaster says: “To avoid these problems we urge everybody to be a responsible host – whether at work or at home – and plan ahead.  

“A bit of a plan can be a lifesaver, and if you’re celebrating at work, maybe there should be a policy to demonstrate responsibility and expectations.”

Things to consider:

Drinks – don’t provide too much; don’t force drinks on people, and do provide plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives.

Food – serve it early and make it substantial – not just nibbles.

Transport: - drink driving limits are tighter than they used to be, at 50mg/100mls, down from 80mg/100mls previously.  Importantly, people under 20 years old have a ZERO limit.  This means people who may have been able to consume two to three (standard) drinks and still legally drive may now only be able to have one to two drinks.  Even THAT may not be safe.  Ensure taxis, vans or sober drivers are used and get everyone safely home.

Activities/Fun – Provide some entertainment/fun to slow down the drinking.

And lastly, remember that alcohol supply to those under 18 must only be done by their parent/guardian, or with their “express consent”, and it must be done responsibly.

So, say Yeah or Nah this Christmas, but enjoy yourself safely,” he says.

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