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Inner Wheel drives donations for hospital

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A donation from the Inner Wheel Club of Palmerston North has left hospital patients and staff overwhelmed by their generosity.

The club’s members have been hard at work, making boxes of calico dolls for the children’s ward, and brightly coloured bags for women who have undergone breast removal surgery.

The calico dolls are more than just toys. They are blank dolls that serve two purposes. The first is for staff to demonstrate to children what is going to happen in upcoming procedures. For example, staff can wrap bandages on the doll to show the child where they will be bandaged up after an operation. 

The dolls also come blank, so children can enjoy personalising them during their stay, leaving them with a positive memory of their time in hospital.

Children’s ward charge nurse, Tracy Stone is very grateful for the donation.

She said; “These dolls are more than just toys for the children. They are tools that we can use to make their time here easier, and to distract them from the stress they may be feeling. Being blank, children can put their own personal touches on the dolls, making each doll a unique creation that displays the personality of the child.”

The other donation contained drain bags for women that have undergone surgery for breast cancer. After this surgery, they may have the drain in for up to two weeks, and so the drain bags are a way of not drawing attention to the drain, and also mean they don’t have to carry it around in their hands, as they are designed to go across the shoulder. This does help significantly with their post-operative recovery. The donation of the colourful drainage bag holders from the Inner Wheel Club means that the drains can be kept out of the way, and hidden from view.

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Breast Care, Cheryl MacDonald says these bags mean a lot to those undergoing surgery.

She said: “These bags are always so well received by the women who come through my service. It can be a very stressful and upsetting time, and something as simple as being provided with these bags can make a world of difference to them in regards to independence, safety and confidence.”

The Inner Wheel Club meet once a month for friendship and service to the community, and have many members who were involved several working bees to create all these fantastic products for hospital patients.

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