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Important Information for all Urology Patients

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One Service, Two Site Update

The Urology service looks after the combined population of MidCentral and Whanganui District Health Boards and is provided from two sites – Palmerston North and Whanganui hospitals. 
All referrals to the Urology service are important to the DHBs, which aim to provide care that is timely, as close to home as possible, and overseen by the same consultant regardless of the site.
When planning where a person’s appointment is to be held, the DHBs look at where people live, the urgency of their need, the type of health condition they have and whether medical tests will be required during a visit.  As a result, people may be offered clinic and theatre appointments at either site. 
Both DHBs work hard to ensure patients can have appointments at their local hospital however sometimes this is not possible.  Patients who are unable or not wanting to travel may have to wait longer to be seen at their local hospital than is desirable.
Anyone with concerns about travelling to your appointment is asked to please contact the Urology Department as soon as possible by calling the Palmerston North Hospital on 0800 800 745.

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