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An opportunity to celebrate diversity

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This Tuesday, 17 May, MidCentral DHB’s Public Health Service and the Manawatu Lesbian and Gay Rights Association (MaLGRA) are partnering up to celebrate diversity in recognition of the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia 2016 (IDAHOT).

​All health professionals, teachers and community members, are welcome to attend a community meeting to discuss what communities and workplaces can do to work against discrimination of gender and sexual diverse people. There will be an LGBTI support panel and presentations about how to ensure safe practice and professionalism when working with gender and sexual diverse clients. Join this event to learn more about how we can we ensure inclusivity.

Tuesday 17 May
1.30pm – 3.30pm
Education Centre, Palmerston North Hospital
Register by email:

IDAHOT, is held every year on 17 May and is the world’s largest solidarity action for sexual and gender diverse people. 

This year’s theme focuses on the mental health of LGBTI+ people, and how it is impacted by stigmatisation, discrimination and violence. Research shows that non-heterosexual populations are more at risk of suicide and mental health issues. IDAHOT aims at making decision makers, the media, health and welfare practitioners, the public, opinion leaders and local authorities aware of the alarming situation faced by many sexual and gender diverse people. 

Mathew Keen, welfare liaison for MalGRA said: “IDAHOT is a worldwide celebration of sexual and gender diversities and an opportunity to support the LGBTI community. Many people still face discrimination because their gender or sexual identities and there need to be initiatives like this for communities to come together to find solutions.”

To find out more about services for GLITTFAB*/LGBTI+ people in our district contact MaLGRA via:
Email:  or

The Manawatu Lesbian and Gay Rights Association (MaLGRA) is a non-profit community organisation that has been in existence for 38 years. As New Zealand’s longest running Gay and Lesbian Rights organisation of its kind, they serve the GLITTFAB* community for the Manawatu region. The organisation has a strong commitment to provide support for our GLITTFAB people across the lifespan, and work with many other support agencies, allies and colleagues to ensure that people from our communities are supported in their journey.

* GLITTFAB is MaLGRA’s home grown name for Gay, Lesbian, Intersex, Transgender, Takatapui, Fa’afafine, Asexual and Bisexual people.  They have a number of support groups who utilise our premises for regular meetings, and social events in a safe environment.  

Contact: Communications Unit (06) 350-8945

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