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Clinical Haematology Staff

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Staff available in the clinical haematology service.


Staff In Palmerston North

Administration Staff:
Usually these are the first people you would meet if you are referred to us.  There is a receptionist and a secretary, who arrange appointments and organise clinics.


The department has several Consultants, the most senior doctors, who diagnose problems and decide on treatment.  There us also a Registrar, who is an experienced doctor, usually training to be a consultant.  He or she looks after patients on the ward and also some clinic patients, with the help of the consultants.  Last but definitely not least is our House Surgeon, a junior doctor who helps to look after patients on the ward under the direction of the other doctors.


The specialised Clinical Haematology nurses play a vital role in providing support and education for haematology patients.  They are based in the Palmerston North Clinical Haematology department.  They hold clinics and help other nursing staff in the management of haematology problems.  They also assist with procedures such as biopsies that are carried out by the doctors.  Ward patients are looked after by ward nurses, many of whom also  have considerable experience in caring for people with blood disorders.

Other Members of Staff:

The Haematology service is multidisciplinary.  This means that staffing not only includes the doctors, specialised nurses and administration staff, but also social workers, dieticians and pharmacists.  Other health care professionals work with us as part of the team as required; for example, the Maori Health Unit  and the Diabetes Lifestyle Team.

Other Centres

In some other hospitals, chemotherapy and other treatments such as blood transfusions can be given by trained nurses to suitable day patients.  The treatment is prescribed by the doctors in Palmerston North and patients are seen regularly in the clinic.  Whenever possible, patients are treated at their local centre. 

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