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BCG Vaccination

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Please be adviced that this service is available for MidCentral residents only

​All pregnant women should be assessed by their lead maternity service providers, including midwives, general practitioners, practice nurses and obstetricians, as to the risk of Tuberculosis (TB) for their baby.
What is TB?
• TB is a serious infectious disease which is passed from person to person through coughing. It can cause tiredness, coughing, fever, shortness of breath and weight loss.
• Find out more about Tuberculosis (TB)
Eligibility for BCG vaccination
 A child under the age of 5 years will be eligible for the FREE BCG vaccine if they:
• Will be living in a house or family/whanau with a person with either current TB or a past history of TB.
• Has one or both parents or household members or carers who (within the last 5 years) have lived for a period of 6 months or longer in a country with high rates of TB (refer to table link below).
• During their first 5 years will be living for 3 months or longer in a country with high rates of TB (refer to table link below).
If one or more of these questions is answered with YES, then this baby needs to be referred to the BCG Vaccination Clinic.
What countries have high TB incidence?
• Click below to find the list of countries which currently have a high incidence of TB (> 40 per 100,000).
BCG Vaccine Brochure: Information for Health Professionals

When to vaccinate
• Your child can be vaccinated any time up to 5 years of age, but children aged more than 6 months will require a Mantoux test prior to vaccination to eliminate any possible exposure to TB.
Will my Practice Nurse provide BCG vaccination?
BCG vaccination in Manawatu is only carried out by specially trained nurses through the Public Health Service.
Who can refer my baby for BCG vaccine?
Anyone can refer a baby for BCG vaccine but this is usually done by your Midwife soon after the birth of your baby. The baby’s circumstances will be assessed by the Communicable Diseases Team and if eligible, an appointment will be arranged.
How do I make a referral?
Please click to download and print out the refer​ral form​ and email the completed form to
BCG clinic enquiries
Public Health Services (Communicable Disease Nurse)
Phone: (06) 350 9110
More information about BCG vaccine
BCG Vaccine brochure: Information for Parents
Click on above link to access information in a range of languages. 

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