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Performance and Outcomes

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The KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Project and the PRIMHD (Programme for the Integration of Mental Health Data) Project both promote and support the use of information about Consumers and the DHB (District Health Board) to support the Consumer’s recovery, ensure that services are culturally responsive and to improve services at a clinical, service and national level.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Project

The Ministry of Health initiated and funded the development of the KPI Framework for New Zealand Mental Health and Addiction Services to promote national quality and performance improvement efforts. Services across the nation are able to learn from each other about the practices that lead to improved outcomes for service users.
The KPI project aims to:
  • Make effective use of nationally collected information
  • Promote information sharing among Mental Health and Addiction providers (both DHBs and NGOs)
  • Improve outcomes for Mental Health and Addiction Service service users
  • Understand differences in service outcomes for different ethnic groups and how to address inequalities
  • Drive organisational performance and quality improvement initiatives
  • Understand gaps in existing data and improve data quality

PRIMHD (Programme for the Integration of Mental Health Data) Project
Te Pou (The National Centre of Mental Health Research, Information and Workforce Development), contracted by the Ministry of Health, support DHBs to develop and embed processes for the collection and use of information in Mental Health Services.
The PRIMHD project supports the development of a more detailed and expanded picture of what is happening in Mental Health Services by combining  the Mental Health Information National Collection (MHINC) with the outcomes information collection.
PRIMHD supports Mental Health Clinician’s focus on outcomes which measure changes in Consumer’s health, wellbeing and circumstances over time. This information can be used to support recovery, ensure that services are culturally responsive and that comprehensive assessments are completed.
The Health of the Nation Outcomes Scale family of measures (HoNOS) was the first set of outcome measures to be rolled out in New Zealand.
HoNOS and other recommended measures are in development and the Ministry of Health will direct their use.
Collecting, analysing and interpreting of outcomes information offers the potential to assist clinicians, services and national policy to be outcomes and recovery-focussed.
  • Consumers/Service Users can use their own outcomes data to reflect on their wellbeing and circumstances, talk to their clinicians about their support needs and to inform their recovery plans.
  • Clinicians can use outcomes information to support their decision-making in day-to-day practice, monitoring change, better understanding the needs of the Consumer and also to begin evaluating the effectiveness of different interventions.
  • Planners and Funders can use the outcomes information to assess population needs for mental health services and assist with allocation of resources
  • Policy and mental health strategy developments can occur by using the information in a nationally aggregated format.

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