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Voting Information

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Voting Information

Voting papers will be sent out to voters by mail. The electoral system is STV (single transferable voting system). Updates on returns of voting documents are available online during the voting period.


What is STV? 

The STV (single transferable voting system) is used for electing DHB board members. STV is a system of proportional representation that enables voters to rank candidates in order of preference; those preferences then determining the overall result of the election.
When casting an STV vote, voters write a “1” beside the candidate they most prefer, a “2” beside the candidate they next prefer, and so on. There are no ticks or crosses, just numbers.
When you vote, you can rank as many or as few candidates as you like, but you cannot assign the same ranking to more than one candidate.  For example, you cannot write “1” against two candidates.
A special computer programme is used to count the votes.
For further information access the Single Transferable Voting website

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