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Results for the 2019 election will be published following polling day, 12 October 2019.


The results of the previous election (2016) are below.



MidCentral District Health Board

2016 Triennial Election



The official result for the election of members of the MidCentral District Health Board held on Saturday 8 October 2016 is as follows.  This result was determined after the scrutiny of the rolls was completed, the validity of all special votes was determined and all valid votes were counted:
Election of MidCentral District Health Board
(7 candidates to be elected)

Manoharan, Nadarajah ​Independent ​elected
Naylor, Karen ​elected
Broad, Adrian ​elected
​Robson, Barbara elected
​Chapman, Ann elected
Anderson, Diane ​elected
Feyen, Michael Independent ​elected
​Findlay, Lew ​Independent ​excluded
​Burnell, Lindsay ​​excluded
​Wards, Sharon excluded
​Dennison, Vaughan excluded
​Gimblett, Neville excluded
​Waldon, John ​Independent excluded
​McCann, Duncan ​Independent excluded
​Podd, Anne excluded
​Weth, John ​Independent excluded
​Brannigan, Maree excluded
​Egan, Martin ​Independent ​excluded

Nadarajah Manoharan, Karen Naylor, Adrian Broad, Barbara Robson, Ann Chapman, Diane Anderson and Michael Feyen are declared elected.
The names of the candidates above are listed (i) in descending order of election for those elected, so that the candidate who was first elected is shown first and so on, and (ii) in reverse order of exclusion for those excluded, so that the candidate who was excluded last is shown first and so on.
The final final quota as determined at the last iteration was 5360.7036. There were 922 informal votes and 4487 blank votes.
Full details of the official result of the election are available on request from the Electoral Officer, John Annabell at Palmerston North City Council, telephone 06-356-8199. 

John Annabell
Electoral Officer
MidCentral District Health Board
20 October 2016


Further Information

Iteration report from STV calculator:  MidCentral DHB elections 2016 

The expense returns for each candidate are available.


2013 Results


The results of the 2013 election are available, together with a copy of the iteration data report.

The expense forms submitted by all candidates are available.




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